Yey.. finally I fly again and have a smooth landing ^^.
Cos the first trial on the last summer, I had a great flight BUT didnt have a smooth landing…cos I was landing on the chestnut tree *ouch*. And that time I just knew that chestnut has thorny skin *arrgh what a luck*

Well well… to revenge the 1st unsuccessful experience, finally I tried again last month ^^. Thank God, the day was just perfect for flying! And the place was also great 🙂


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(read as : Gut Gut…means Good kkkkk)

Bus! Yup, i love the public transportation in here. Subway, bus.. there are great~

Just back from walking outside and figured out this new bus. It’s my first time to see this long 시내버스 (Intra-city bus). Pretty lucky to take it since not every bus is like this ^^. I like this bus, more space more people and it’s also comfortable inside 🙂 Good good~

As I was sitting inside the bus, people outside gave a surprising look with this bus as well. So looks like, i’m not the only one who impressed with this improvement.

Hopefully more bus like this fills the city ^^

Gonna be the longest day

Sunday, 22 Nov 09

Hmm it’s gonna be the longest day~ I’m going today… Wish everything gonna be alrite.
The reservation for hotel n car was done couple of day ago.

I’m going to have my first 12 hours flight + 2 hours transit. There’s gonna be 17 hours time difference with Seoul. And I’ll be arrive at 3pm local time…
Let’s try to calculate how many hours I can enjoy in this day…

– 18 hours in seoul
– 14 hours for flight (include transit)
–  9 hours in Canada

Hohoho…so.. I’m going to have 41 hours for today… (24h + 17h time difference~) Cool~
Never think about something like this ^_^
Well the way back gonna be the shortest day for me kkk

I’ve checked the weather and google said it’s gonna be around -11 hohoho…
And finally after more than 1.5 years living in here.. I bought a boot.
Clothes preparation (checked ^_^)

A bit worry with the time difference, cos i don’t wanna be sleepy on the day I present.
But let’s see how it’s gonna be…
And it’s gonna be my first time to visit english-speaking country hohoho~~

Wish everything gonna be alrite….

Canada….I’m coming~~~
(wish it will be snowing there ^_^)

Hello October 09~

Oct 4th 09 (sun)

9pm from lovely room, 17C outside.
Autumn is in the air~
The weather starts to get colder~ time to put on the jacket now~


First, Happy Chuseok ^_^  헤피 추석
항상 건강하고 행복하세용~~

This year Chuseok (korean thanksgiving) was on Oct 2-3, which only means 1 additional holiday (fri), not much different with last year’s chuseok holiday.

Last year I spent Chuseok in prev church’s member home and had my first SongPyeon. Thnx G, this year I could make the SongPyeon to be given to others. And for the meals, I had nyummy dinner with my friend’s home with some friends. Thumbs up to her mom for the nyummy meals. Well actually that’s the second round xixixi. The first round was in another friend home for celebrating her b-day. *weight++ and happy++ too xixi*

Well, lot of unplanned things happened last month which made me quite hectic, while some planned things couldn’t be done cos of this and that. But things that came were great things ^_^ and I did enjoy that *thnx G* Continue reading

Earlier than i thought

Today I just got an email, an email that I’ve waited for weeks~~ Though I know it’s supposed to come on this Saturday, but somehow I’m still waiting whether it might arrive earlier or not. Though i kept telling my self to be patient, but it’s not easy to do that…

This is one of the big thing that i should prepared cos it relates with my study and i put it as one of my resolution for this year.

I said to my self, I’ll try my best to prepare it during these weeks. Actually i planned to finish it end of last month, but somehow because of this and that, i still don’t finish it. So I said to my self, since the announcement gonna be on this Saturday. Just if, just if I don’t finish it before that, I do really have to accept if I fail.
Since it’s not easy to deal with failure, I don’t put too much expectation on my self for this thing (though i still wish i could do it well).

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What a bless~

Last year I wrote a post titled “Yes…I win it^^“, that time i won the battle with Mr.해 to welcome the day. And took a pic that could be put in my header collections.

Today, I checked the web for photo contest about Seoul Sightseeing. It was on the first post when I saw it, but now may be gotta scroll to see the announcement. And guess what…. It’s written there… the picture titled “Panoramic view of Seoul”

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