R16 KOREA World B-boy Masters Championship

Finally it’s my first time to participate the K-Performance Supporters from KTO (Korea Tourism Organization). Thnx to KTO for having this program, so that foreigners (like me ^^) can have more additional exciting experience.

Anyway, watching R16 korea is a new experience. It’s interesting to see the judges, dancers and participants performed the various dances such as popping, locking and b-boy-ing. My fav goes to popping ^^

Too bad, I couldn’t watch the second day cos of another thing. Hopefully I’ll watch it again next year 😉
(More about R16 : Official Site,  Wikipedia)

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4 Years

It’s been a year since the laz post! hohoho this blog has been neglected pretty long huh ㅋㅋ

Well.. Hard to believe im still survive n somehow still enjoying the life in here ^^

Thnx God for a year of blessing.. Many things that happened beyond my expectation..
*not to mention the europe trip…hihihi ^^*


juz back from ICN after meeting friends that come for travelling.
This place improves a lot!

Well..tat’s all for now *still lazy after a year of hiatus kkk*

-first post test from mobile-

new stuff

*post from email*

yeah got a new stuff for this month kkk. Now posting from hospital hihii…just got a appendices surgery on monday. Got a sudden terrible stomach ache, then went to ICU. Then got surgery on 9pm directly.
Thnx God everythin ran well..
Thnx God for the friends, special thnx to Sunyoung for taking care of me *till now*

Well today is the third day, and finally can eat porridge ^_^ *though can’t finish it*
Now still walking with infuse stand beside me hihi *still have to bring it everywhere i go*, since the doc said i should move a lot, so walk here and there and now here i am in a room where i can rent a pc with inet.

Ok gotta go back to room soon~~~ can wait till Friday.
And hopefully can go out of hospital this Fri *if there’s nothing happen~*

Thnx God for the new experience~

*hopefully i have a quick recovery ^^*
*picture will come for sure ^^ but not soon kkk*

3rd round

Nope nope it’s not world cup stuff ^^ 3rd game for S.K still next week hoho.

First Round :
Last Thursday, when i got a fever : ( and it finished on Monday.
Unfortunately, the cough and blocked nose was still there…

Second Round :
Another pills but this time syrup was added ^^. And it finished on Wed. But too lazy to go to the doc again, though the throat was still itchy and of course the nose was still like that. But less bloody hihi

One thing that i really miss since i was under the pills was COFFEE hoho, cos the doc said no coffee at least 3 hours after. Which is the same as no coffee at all : (.
Try to count it.. pills in the morning around 8, then able to have coffee at least 11am. But it’s almost lunch, which is another time to have a pills after the lunch.
And the same case for the noon and nite’s pills. : (

So on wed, since no more pills left and the doc was away when i went there. So I took it as an holiday for the pills ^^ and it was time for coffee hohoh. *happy*
Unfortunately, since it’s been a while not to have coffee, right after I had it then I got a stomach ache hahaha…it’s ok la.

Third Round :
Felt a bit worse on Thu : ( especially for the throat *haiyaaaa*. So went to the doc again after lunch and got the 3rd phase until next Mon.

Hopefully it’s the last round~~ *plizzzzz*

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The weather…

is shown that winter still jealous with the coming spring. Which is called 꽃샘추위 (KkotSaemChuWi). First time I posted about it is last year on March (also) Good to trackback last year’s condition, since I’m so curious whether last year was this cold n windy or now…

Anyway yesterday’s weather forecast reminded people about this jealousy, which means people gotta be careful with the sudden drop

And the weather was -2 – 11C…What a weather..

After snow in spring on last Wed (Mar 17th) then the 꽃샘추위 on yesterday, and today we have yellow dust (황사). So complete hohoho..

Just get ready for the yellow dust and extreme windy days~

Have a good weekend..