Garden of Morning Calm – at nite

Finally after a long wait, I got a chance to visit this place called Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원 or people usually said 수목원).

From it’s name, it sounds like it’s a good place to be visited in morning… Hmm but somehow, I went there at nite ^^ Cos there’s annual light festival. : ) *ok someday… i’ll go there again in the morning for sure ^^*

And glad that I made a correct choice to go there, despite the freezing (n windy) weather. Cos it was great to be surrounded with those lights ^^

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Neon Boards

The brightness of N-Seoul Tower (here and here) looks so small compare with these neon boards.

Neon boardsThere…can u see the N-Seoul tower back there?

I think these neon boards are one of the uniqueness in MyeongDong. Somehow it looks like those neon boards are competing each other, try to be as big and bright as possible~

Here is the place that you can find (almost) everything that you need (except quitness^^).
Clothes, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, nyummy meals , snacks, gifts, what else??
A even 부동산 (property agent) can be found in here.
*out of idea to name it more*

One of good meeting place in Seoul, or when u feel bore and want to find some crowd, here’s the correct place.

I think it’s one of the reason we (my friend and I) chose it as our language exchange meeting point. Meet then find some nyummy place for the dinner and talk this n that.

2 mins video of passing one of the (not-so-crowded) alley in MyeongDong.

Note :
(based on experience) If you want to user StarB*ck* as your meeting point, better name it in detail. Cos there are many sta*bucks in here looo~~. “I’m in bucks that’s placed in front of bla bla bla… “, better be like that ^_^.

Specially dedicated to Santy who might miss the crowd of life and shopping kkk.

Ten-Ten in Ten

Ten Ten Kimbab

I just realized today that the name of this stall (포장마차)  is Ten-Ten Kimbab (텐텐 김밥). I used to call it mini kimbab’s stall instead of its name.

This stall is located in front of YBM – Jongno Branch. The place that I use to go every week for my language class. It’s a good place to stop by if I’m a bit rushing for the class.

This stall is operated by 2 kind ajummas / aunties. And they do work soooo fast!

Ten Ten Kimbab Owner

So, why is it called ten-ten Kimbab?
Cos it has 10 different tastes inside the (mini) kimbab. They also have BulGoGi, Spicy GoChu, Pork Cutlet, Anchovy, Squid, Tuna, KimChi, Fried GoChu and Odeng (fish taste).
And because i like ham, so my fav is ham (for sure ^^). And i think they can guess my order, since couple of weeks ago I ordered 6 (+1) pieces and it’s all ham ^_^

How bout the price?
I can say it’s cheap worthed.
3 pieces : 1000 won
6 pieces (+1bonus) : 2000 won
And sometime somehow (like I experienced), the ajumma gave one more bonus ^_^.

I was impressed with their idea for this stall, fast food, easy to eat and easy to serve. Just make it, put it then cut it into 2.

And why there’s “in Ten” in the title??

Because… I just realized it that they made it sooo fast… I tried to record it today and count it. 10 seconds for one! Great~

* another recommended thing when u’re in hurry for the class ^_^ *

쪽갈비 (JjokKalBi)

For those who are hungry, better open it later ^_^ cos I’m going to post another nyummy Korean Food.

쪽갈비 (JjokKalBi), literally means 쪽 : piece, 갈비 : ribs. So, piece of ribs. But from another web it says :

돼지의 요추 갈비로서 옆구리 늑골의 6번째에서 15번째 까지 부분을 사용하며, 늑간살이 포함되어 있는 새롭게 각광 받는 특수 부위를 갈비뼈채 상품화한 것으로, 보는 즐거움과 뜯어 먹는 재미, 도특한 맛의 매혹 등 호감릐 만족을 느낄 수 있는 음식 입니다.

Gosh that “sapu lidi”~, no worries, cos i don’t understand it all too hahaha~. Well u can try to google-translate it. What I can understand is : It’s from the pork ribs including its bone. It looks nyummy and the taste is satisfying~ (haha so many words summarized in just 2 sentences~)

Anyway… Let’s see the pic…


쪽갈비 ^__^

돼지의 요추 갈비로서 옆구리 늑골의 6번째에서 15번째 까지 부분을 사용하며, 늑간살이 포함되어 있는 새롭게 각광 받는 특수

부위를 갈비뼈채 상품화한 것으로, 보는 즐거움과 뜯어 먹는 재미, 도특한 맛의 매혹 등 호감릐 만족을 느낄 수 있는 음식


The Piece of rib

The Piece of rib

Pieces of rib

Pieces of rib

Way to go :
Go to EulJiRo 1-ga subway station (을지로입구역) take exit no.1 (1번 출구).
Turn right walk straight till you find HanaBank, go to alley (골목) it’s gonna be on the left side.
Only take 5 minutes from the subway station.

Locks of Love

Usually when I went to Namsan (my fav place) I just took pictures of the tower and the night view. But last saturday, I went there in the morning with k Tracie and enjoyed the different part of Namsan.

KoreaTimes article bout locks of love in here.

Locks of Love - Above Food CourtThe locks are everywhere~

Above the Food Court, there’s a terrace where people can see the view of Seoul City.

Binoculars are also provided to see the zoomed view

Locks of Love - Terrace01 Locks of Love - Terrace 02 Locks of Love - Terrace 03

Terrace of Locks of Love

In front of the food court, there’s also some places to sit by to have a drink or just take a rest.And looks like every empty spaces will be maximized to put the locks.Include the tree??

Locks of Love - Cafe

Locks of Love - Cafe

Locks of Love - Tree

Locks of Love - Tree

The locks are very various.Some of it just like normal locks, some of it looked cute, some with notes and also you can see handcuff hanged there~ *unique*

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Summer Holiday Summary

This year i got 4 days summer holidays which I divided into 2.
Part 1 was July 23rd – 24th 09.
Part 2 was Aug 6th – 7th 09.

Since there’s still not enough time to tell, so just wrap it up with some pictures first ^^

Part 1 summary



On July 23rd (Thursday), spent the times near Seoul, and visiting some good places with good buildings and view
I took a bus from Seoul and went to Paju City and visited English Village, Heyri Art Village and Provence Village. I like their unique and cute buildings there.

When saw the Pucca it reminded me with PrettyPucca ^^

On July 24th (Friday). I went to DuMulMeoRi (두물머리) which is the meeting point of the North and South Han River. Then continued to my favorite place, N-Seoul Tower.

Part 2 summary

If the 1st part spent near Seoul, then it’s time to go farther~ Also it’s because my friend invited me to come to her hometown (Ulsan) and asked to go out together. *thank u onni~~*

So I went there (alone hihi) with midnite bus.

Aug 6th 09 (Thursday)



Arrived in Ulsan around 4.30, then went to GanJeolGot Lighthouse(간절곶 등대) by bus from the terminal. Actually this is the place to see sunrise, but it was cloudy and i arrived there quite late (around 6.30). But it’s fine, cos i enjoyed the view, and dunno why lately i like to see Lighthouse, water wheel / windmill, cliff ~

Back to Ulsan, met my friend then we went to GyeongJu and visited some places in a day. So we went to Bulguksa Temple, DaeReung Tomb Park (yups..tomb ^^), CheomSeongDae and place near the lake (dunno the name) that has nice big water wheel. (don’t compare it with wheels in Netherlands ^^)

Aug 7th 09 (Friday)

DaeWangAm (대왕암)

DaeWangAm (대왕암)

We went to Ulsan Grand Park, which has big wind wheel windmill (again xixi), took the shuttle bus to look around the park (it was soooo big) then we met with my friends had nyummy MilMyeon (밀면) together. My friends recommended me to go to Ulgi Lighthouse (o ho…), so after discussion I went there, while onni continued to explore the park with her cute nephew.

The view Ulgi Lighthouse (울기등대) was great, especially the DaeWangAm (대왕암). In DaeWangAm, the king was buried under this rock.

Aug 8th 09 (Saturday)

haeundae (해운대)

haeundae (해운대)

Since I’ve been far from seoul, so I continued the trip around GyeongSan-Do. At first i was planning to go alone, but lucky i could meet my friend in Busan ^_^. This day i was surprised with the view of parasols along the Haeundae beach (해운대) ~ quite unique for me to see those parasols. Cos I’ve never seen something like this in Bali, not even imagine it.

At night we crossed the GwangAn bridge by taxi (and made the video of it ^^)  and enjoyed the view in GwangAn beach (광안리),

Aug 9th 09 (Sunday) – Last day

TaeJongDae Lighthouse (태종대)

TaeJongDae Lighthouse (태종대)

The last day was closed with visiting the fish market and the great 치cliff view of TaeJongDae. I do really like this place ^__^

Then i went back with (expensive huhuhu) KTX *hoho first time*, but it was great… I enjoyed the view along the way~~

Thnx G for the great summer holiday ^_^